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Greetings offered in the best way through gift varieties in a single platform provided by Google

Mega online shopping carnival is all set to be launched by Google, the most popular and high rated search engine of internet. Google India and all the available online shopping portals have collaborated to launch this grand shopping festival. Grand Online Shopping Festival is being conceived on the basis of prevalent Cyber Monday concept that has remained to be extremely popular in USA since its arrival in the year of 2005. Online Shopping sector happens to be an extremely booming and budding segment in Indian web market. Google thus has taken this innovative step to increase the percentage of online shoppers. This single stop destination, has all the popular Indian online shopping sites in this grand platform. All the major online shopping brands of India have also agreed to be part of this grand venture that is simply counting times for its inauguration on 12.12.12. Mark this date in the calendar as this is going to be very happening event in the online shopping market. This is an attempt to bring in those web visitors who till date have preferred to stay away from this online marketing scene. Let them also to make an entry in the scene of online marketing. Cyber Monday has increased the percentage of profits as earned by the eCommerce activities in USA. This remains to be the biggest initiative and encouragement behind the concept of Great Online Shopping Festival as taken by Google India along with all the major shopping online stores. Google has keenly reviewed the online shopping scenario in India and also the massive population density provides better scopes of online marketing among the online visitors. A single location that comprises of diversified products that includes accessories, shoes, apparel, travel packages, books, gadgets, watches, computer accessories, health and fitness equipment and also with various types of gifts.

While checking out the list of participating websites one will surely come across that happens to be the most desired destination of all gift seekers through years. It provides its customers with attractive array of gift items that appears with many gift alternatives like beautiful flowers, delicious sweets, chocolates, dry fruits and also soft toys. All these items as displayed at are extremely popular gift items that have been rated high by the gift searchers. Flowers are the right way to celebrate and they can never go wrong. Sending a bouquet full of freshly bloomed roses to the special persons of life has remained to be as easy and simple as before. The gift items as available in the online store of seem to be fitted for celebrating any occasion from birthdays to weddings and anniversaries or for any other event. The concept of online stores has really reduced the task of the shoppers. Here at along with products the customers are being offered with complementary gift delivery services free of cost. Thus it surely happens to be the preferable shopping destination compared to offline mode. While shopping from stores customers are always not being offered with their desirable discounts. Online shopping not only save time but also it keeps a check on the budgets of daily expenditure.
Google’s attempt to bring all the leading shopping portals arranged within this single location is thus a very praising attempt. This will enhance the popularity of online shopping within India. has agreed to be a part of this online platform as it happens to extend the facilities of eCommerce among the major masses of India. Go through and check out the gift items that are present here. Google India and invite all their users and customers a very happening shopping time and also encourage others to be a part of this mega shopping event.

December 6, 2012 Tags: 0 comments is ready with a splashing freshness in their all season gift collection for Indian market

People often wonder what to gift their loved ones, whenever the gift worthy events round up. is surely the destination for their search, for the reason they have access to the most innovative gift collections. Be it chocolates, or flowers, funny balloons, cakes, or simply the ornaments, they have it all in their stocks. Their state-of-the-art online transaction option has made it easy and hassle free for the potential buyers. If flower is anyone’s pick, they are the specialists in flower designing. Every flower of different colors represents different themes and relationships, and they design the flowers accordingly. Not only the simple flower bouquets, but also the combo gift options like teddy bears, metal or stone studded flowers are also worth mentioning. Innovation has always been the USP for, thus they are offering different gift items like chocolates, fruits, sweets in packages, just to reflect their diversity in gifting concepts. In addition, if a couple wishes to gift a quality time like romantic candle light dinners or a trip to a lovely location for each other, they have it too. It is true that people from different age group have different stands on their relationships. The way a college-going student feels about love is surely different from that of a middle-aged person. has kept their shops open for people from all age group. They have a perfect blend of traditional and modern stylus in their gift statement that suits everyone. While the modern generation can chill out with the modern and latest gifts, there is room for older generations as well. They have huge collections of old classic items, and surely these items will take them back to their golden days. Quality, style, fashion statement, and most importantly, the value for money are the flagship for, since they had their stroll in the business line. When it is about celebrating the togetherness, sets the stage for expressing the golden emotions, called care and concern. When it is about expressing the most precious three word sentence, and they sets the perfect tempo for such a romantic event. Surely, celebration for different occasions, one wishes to take a different stance from the stereotyped ones, when it is about gifting. It is a treat to experience the service level at for sure, indeed.